24/7 Prayer

24/7 Prayer

The 24-7 prayer room is a place for people to grow closer to God through prayer. We take a full week and transform a room in our basement space into a place of worship and reflection. We put up forms on the wall outside it and people can sign up for an hour slot. You can also sign up with friends! Lots of people don’t want to go in alone for their first time, and that’s perfectly fine! Life chats always seem to go better in the Prayer Room.

It starts on a Wednesday night and someone goes in for an hour, and what they do in those sixty minutes is up to them. They can play music, draw, paint, write in a journal, or do any of the different activities in the room. Then once their hour is up, someone else will come in and take over for the next hour.

We also have a wailing wall, a worship wall, and a world wall. The wailing wall is for people to write out what’s hurting them, and then other people can pray over those fears and concerns. The worship wall is where people can write out things they’re grateful for, and the world wall is for prayers that need to go out to other areas of the globe.

While someone is always praying inside the prayer room for a week, there’s also things happening outside the room at the same time! People will have movie marathons and snacks out everyday of the week, its the perfect time to hang out in the basement and make some new friends.

Each person spends an hour at a time just connecting to God however they see fit. We participate in 24/7 Prayer Week each semester. If you want more information you can look at the official site at http://www.24-7prayer.com/