Are you looking for a way to be more involved at ISU Wesley and make new friends? Check out our small groups!


Freshman Small Group—Are you a freshman? Do you want a space to connect with other freshmen and chat about all the stuff that comes with starting college? That’s what our freshmen small group is all about! We want to be a support for you as you work through your first semester of college.
Tuesdays at 7pm led by Mallory Moore and Halie Clark

Story Theology—Sharing our stories can be one of the most powerful ways to connect with others. In this group we’ll have the chance to share a story of our own, and hear from others where they find God within that story and in your life.
Mondays at 6pm led by Mallory Moore

Animate Bible—The Bible is a large collection of books from thousands of years ago.  So why do we still read it? How do we process and interpret all of the information in it? Hear from contemporary pastors and Christian authors as we learn more about the text that our entire faith is based on!
Thursdays at 7pm led by Erik Slingerland

Creed—In Creed, we will look at the book “Creed” by Adam Hamilton. This book study is all about exploring The Apostles Creed. We will dive deeper into what Christians believe, and why we believe those things! We will break down and discuss the why we use the Apostles Creed to affirm our faith in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
Thursdays at 6:30pm led by Mark Crawford

Animate Practices—In Animate: Practices, we’ll delve into the reasons for some of our Christian faith traditions like prayer, offering, and communion. Where did they come from? Why do we hold onto them? How do they affect us today? We’ll discuss these questions and more as we study ancient and modern views on our Christian practices.
Tuesdays at 5:30pm led by Jordan Anderson