Small Groups

Small Groups

A great way to get connected at Merge and make new friends is through our weekly small groups. We are excited to create new small groups every semester, that way the stuff we discuss is as different and diverse as the group of students is. Since each one is so unique to the specific groups, we can’t really predict what we’ll be talking about in the future. But if you want a rough estimate of what our groups look like, here’s a few highlights:

Lunches With Lorelei: Lunches With Lorelei provides opportunities for students to have in depth discussions about their own theology and faith. Our fantastic Exec Team member Lorelei Junkel will lead this group and guide students during discussion. The group will discuss theology, scripture, and worship services. You can also eat lunch while having thoughtful conversation! This group will meet this Fall on Thursdays at 12:00. 

Covenant Bible Study: Do you wish to learn more about scripture? Or have a sincere dialogue about theology with your peers? Covenant Bible Study is the small group for you! Our Campus Minister Roxy DeLong will lead this Bible Study for the third semester in a row. The group covers a wide range of topics and allows students to think critically about them. Covenant Bible Study is always a huge hit at Merge! This small group meets Sundays at 6:30pm. 

Freshman Small Group: Are you a freshman? Do you want to feel more connected to Merge? Freshman small group provides an opportunity for freshmen who are experiencing the harsh transition between high school and college, to come together in community and talk about the things they are experiencing. This group is fun, topical, and a support system during your first year of college! Our marvelous Exec Team member Emily Lewis will lead this Small Group once again!

Current Events Small Group 2020: It’s an election year and Merge will encourage young students to be civically engaged in an ever-changing world. This Current Events group will discuss the issues of the day and connect them to theology, our faith, and our role as a Christian community. Our splendid Exec Team member Sam Erickson will lead this Small group in Fall 2020. The group will meet on Mondays at 5:30pm.