Lauren Knicl
Lauren Knicl

Lauren Knicl

I am so excited for this opportunity to work as a staff intern this summer! I transferred to ISU at the beginning of my Junior year looking for a faith community. I figured I would take a month or so to find the right fit for my spiritual beliefs and goals. However, one of my friends invited me to the annual Merge cookout and immediately I had found my home.

I quickly became involved in the worship band, leadership team, and led small groups. Although I participated in Marching Band and multiple musical ensembles, most of my free time was spent at Merge. I was impressed by the unique ability of this ministry to challenge others. Here, asking questions about beliefs and ideas is welcomed! Through this ministry I have expanded my spiritual horizons by examining my preconceived beliefs and discovering my own opinions. This internship will help me continue to learn more about my beliefs and my call to ministry.

On the rare occasions that I am not at Merge, you can most likely find me outside. I love all things outdoors! Whether biking, hiking, running, rock climbing, or reading a book in the park, if the sun is shining, I’m there. Playing piano and guitar is a fun hobby that comes in handy when worship leading as well! Above all, my favorite thing is spending time with others. I live for those deep train ride conversations with strangers, or spending time with good friends. I am always happy to meet students and get to know them!

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