Leadership Staff

Leadership Staff

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Jennie Edwards Bertrand

Meet Pastor Jennie… It is a joy to serve as a Spiritual leader for this faith community. It is awesome to offer students a home-away-from-home. I love laughing, praying, worshipping and serving with young adults.   College was one of the most fun and most challenging times of my life, so I am honored to be here as a guide, mentor, and friend to college students today. The spiritual hunger young adults possess pushes me to continually grow in Christ…
Campus Minister

Luke DeLong

Meet Pastor Luke… Grace + Peace to you! I am ecstatic about the opportunity that I have to serve in campus ministry! It’s fascinating watching students engage with their faith and ask the difficult questions about what they believe, and don’t believe. I love watching the wheels turn in their heads as they examine and mull over the content I preach on, or teach in small groups. Outside of campus ministry, I have many passions. I love bodybuilding, reading, spending…